5 Things To Know After Your First CrossFit Class

So you’ve decided to dive in and give CrossFit fort Lauderdale a try – that’s legit. You’re on your way to training bold and living wild with us at RoxFire. However, we know firsthand this process can be a scary or intimidating experience so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We’ve got five helpful tips to make the most out of your time with us at RoxFire.

Soreness is A-OK – It’s perfectly fine & normal to experience soreness after your first workout. In fact, it’s your muscles letting you know you did your job. If you’ve got twenty minutes when you’re chilling at home, do this mobility routine to loosen up the lactic acid and release the tension in your muscles.

Crossfit fort Lauderdale

Feed your muscles – Getting in a protein shake within an hour after your first workout is essential to help rebuild your muscles & recover your energy. I personally use Naked Pea Protein – not a lot of extra fluff and chemicals – but stop over and see Seth at the Victoria Park GNC. He’s got a great variety of protein shakes – tell him RoxFire sent you and he’ll hook it up!

Don’t worry about knowing the lingo – Your Coach probably used words like “WOD,” “box,” “AMRAP,” “RX” – it’s okay to experience confusion as to what the f we are talking about! Here’s a helpful guide on what these words mean so you can come in next time with a bigger toolbox to work from.

It’s okay to feel nervous, unsure or anxious – Everyone at RoxFire was once a first-time CrossFitter. When trying something new, you’re going to feel a little off balance because you’re charging head on into the unknown. While this is a scary feeling, try to lean into the exhilarating side of it. Most people are afraid to get out of their comfort zones and try something new. Just look at what you’ve accomplished already. Imagine what you can do if you keep going?

Let us know when we’ll see you again – Accountability is everything -especially when it comes to getting results. Send us an email at lj@roxfirefitness.com and let us know when we’re going to see you again so we can let the Coach know to be prepared for you.