Best Whey Protein Water for Weight Loss

If you choose the best whey protein Water for weight loss, you simply can’t fail to shed excess fat. The question is, what actually is the best whey protein Water for weight loss?

Before we begin, we want to dispel a few myths. Whey protein shakes alone will not help you lose weight, they’re not a magic pill and a great deal of effort will be required on your behalf. The great news is they will help speed up the weight loss process and can really help you stick to your diet and lose weight quickly.

Whey Protein – What Does It Do?

If you’re following any respectable (and safe) diet plan, no doubt you’re advised to eat a lot of good protein. Lean meat, fresh fish and pulses are all great sources of high quality protein and should be included in any good diet plan. Whey protein helps develop muscle tissue that requires calories to exist. This means that be building muscle (and they don’t have to be huge) you will have the ability to burn calories by sitting on the couch. The problem is, it’s not always easy to have a quality source of protein at every meal time. If you’re caught out and have no healthy food to eat, you are more likely to reach for the bag of crisps or lemon cupcake.

And that is where whey protein comes in…

Whey protein is an extremely convenient and healthy source of protein which will keep you full for a long time. Mixed with water or milk, it can be taken morning evening or night as a meal replacement or after workouts.

What is the best whey protein Water for weight loss?

There is numerous fantastic whey protein for weight loss blends on the market right now and picking the right one is no easy task. The best way to choose a quality whey protein for weight loss is by having a quick look at the ingredients list. Any products which are full of artificial sweeteners and flavourings should be avoided.

We’re looking for a whey protein blend which has approximately 120 calories and gives you 30g of protein, the ones we recommend can be found below.

Best Whey Protein Water

Boost Your Effort By Following These Three Tips…

1) Drink water. If you’re taking on extra protein as part of a weight loss plan, make sure you’re not getting dehydrated by drinking more water. A high protein diet will make you dehydrated and it’s important to know this as dehydration can affect your performance in the gym and can also lead to serious heart problems. If you’re active and have increased the amount of protein in your diet, look to drink a further 3 or 4 glasses of water.

2) Make your post workout shake a big one. Taking a protein shake after your workout is important to prevent ensure your body is in a positive catabolic state. To absolutely ensure that you achieve this state, make sure your post work out shake is a hearty one. Perhaps throw a couple of extra scoops in to make sure the body is stimulated enough to build muscle. To help get the muscles fed even quicker, take a handful of jelly babies with the protein.

3) Don’t go hungry. If you’re like most people, occasionally your organisation will suffer – perhaps through laziness or maybe sometimes you just forget, sometimes you will be stuck without any protein. To make sure this doesn’t happen, buy Ion-X Protein Water Ready to go drink and keep them in the office, in your bag, in the car – anywhere you can get at them on the move.

The best whey protein Water for weight loss is one which doesn’t use up calories by stuffing you full of sweeteners and offers you the most amount of protein for least amount of calories. To make sure you pick the best whey protein Water for your weight loss, feel free to browse our site

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