Driving a “Really Good” Car in Queensland

I learned to drive in 1997. My instructor had a Ford Escort. It had no power steering, rear demister, door mirrors, or head restraints, and seat belts were not of the inertia reel type, nor were they a legal requirement.

Looking back, cars were far less safe than nowadays. That said, there was far less traffic on the road. Petrol cost .85p a gallon. There was space to enjoy driving. The driving test itself lasted around 30 minutes at the longest; it all seemed so simple back then.

My first car was a very old Hillman Imp. I learned so much about cars from owning it. Such as changing clutches, adjusting brakes and replacing suspension parts became part of my hobbies. Nowadays I wouldn’t be bothered to get my hands dirty and I don’t miss it. Well, I remember though the enjoyment of heading out to Loch Lomond for a run in my car, often with my pals. I guess that’s the day a lot of my learner drivers look forward to.

driving instructors

Albeit today’s learner driver will be more thoroughly trained and tested, and need more lessons than back then, “freedom of the road” remains a “coming of age” objective.How then, does today’s learner choose a driving school? Is their choice based on reputation, local business, or price?

There is an enormous choice of driving schools in Queensland, all offering various deals and incentives for learner drivers to take lessons with them. Usually, however, when a closer examination is made, prices are around the same overall.

Large national schools charge the highest fees, but often fall down on quality of service. Often these big organizations use “trainee” instructors –yet to fully qualify-but there is no discount for this. Another complaint is that pupils get different driving instructors Queensland on various lessons; therefore a break down in continuity can develop.Paying top dollar does not always mean first class tuition.

At the budget end of the scale can be driving schools where lessons are very cheap but you may end up paying more in the long run. Here is where it may pay to seek out the reputation of a school; via web reviews or word of mouth. A personal recommendation from friends or family should not be discounted.

Local driving schools will be expert in the learner’s own area. They will know all the best local training routes and places to practice maneuvers. An instructor who is unfamiliar with surrounding working areas may well struggle to provide good training routes.

Not all cars are suited to all learners. It would be advisable to inquire about the type of car used for tuition. For instance, six-foot-four-inch tall pupils would have been unable to learn in my tiny Hillman Imp!