How To Protect And Fix A Water Damaged MacBook

Water Damaged MacBook

You’re not the only one who enjoys a drink while working on the device. Water damaged MacBook happens more frequently than you might expect.

Many people all over the world have encountered this problem and have successfully repaired their gadgets without having to spend hundreds of dollars on new parts. Let’s look at some of the techniques and tricks for repairing water damaged Macbooks unless the damage gets too severe that you need to seek professional help from centers of Macbook repair Perth.

Ways to Prevent Water Damage

While there are techniques to get your MacBook to switch on again after it has been damaged by water, it is best to avoid this from happening in the first place.

Cover your drink:

This is the simplest thing to take. If you wish to consume something while working, cover it with a lid. Even if the liquid spills, nothing will spill out this way.

Keep your distance:

Simple precautions such as keeping water sources away from your Mac can save your life. Keeping your laptop on top of a few books or magazines will provide it with the necessary vertical space for safety.

Use protective gear:

Shields like screen guards, laptop sleeves, silicon lids, and keyboard covers can prevent water from entering via any openings, potentially saving you money on a costly MacBook Air water damage repair.

First-aid for Water Damage

Disconnect all of your MacBook’s peripherals.

If your MacBook is linked to a power adapter, you should first do to protect it from water damage to unplug it. While doing so, exercise extreme caution and wear rubber gloves and footwear. Also, unhook any dongles or peripherals connected to the device, such as the printer, scanner, or mouse. This will protect the critical components like connectors, circuit boards and batteries before you can reach a center for Macbook repair Perth.

Shut down the MacBook and set it aside for at least 48 hours.

Another thing you should do right away is turn off your MacBook and leave it turned off for at least 48 hours. If your MacBook does not shut down when you hold down the power button, your keyboard may be broken and unable to send the “Force Shutdown” signal to the logic board on a software level. In this situation, you’ll need to use a different way to shut down the laptop. Soak any remaining water on the keyboard surface, touchpad, and screen using tissues or a paper towel.


When it comes to curing MacBook water damage, all of the preceding methods, tactics, hacks, and workarounds are fundamental. If all of the aforementioned methods fail, your MacBook’s hardware has likely been destroyed, and any repair or replacement would require professional assistance. In that scenario, contacting a reputable and well-known center of MacBook repair Perth is your best chance for MacBook water damage repair.

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