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Commercial Under counter Refrigeration Commercial Repair are perfect space savers in a kitchen, as well as making food quickly available by being conveniently located under work surfaces. Sometimes known as fish drawers or refrigeration drawers, under counter fridges are used for all food stuffs, but especially fish and meats which are best kept cold until cooked.

An Under counter refrigerator will fit comfortably under your counter top. They may have doors like a standard fridge or freezer, and glass shelves in the storage space and door. The drawer fridge is simply a cold draw which acts like a normal draw, although usually far larger, and makes its contents extremely accessible for when you need them. Each drawer can be kept at a different temperature, making them extremely versatile for all perishables.

commercial refrigeration service inc
Commercial Refrigeration Service Inc

Another use for under counter refrigerator equipment is as a wine cooler, or under counter wine refrigerator. These fridge units are designed especially to keep wine bottles at a set temperature and are perfect for storing your wine ready to serve.

Aside from making foods and wines extra accessible, these fridges and coolers are great space savers. Whether in a bar, kitchen or storage room, they fit well within a cabinet structure and can be accommodated well into the furniture of a room without requiring their own dedicated space.

Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration Service Near Me Image When most of us think about cooling or with chill food in every way, we usually think about the type of refrigerators which we have in our House. The fact of the matter is, there is a large demand for commercial refrigeration also that ranges from blast chillers display freezers and refrigerators fish. here is a little bit about the different types of commercial refrigeration that is available, and some details on each type of cooling.

The first type of commercial cooling that we’re going to talk about his blast chillers. There are a number of different types of these chillers that are available, but the main purpose behind them is to get the food to a low temperature in the shortest amount of time possible. Most of the blast chillers are available that claim to be able to drop food to a temperature of about 70 ° F to below 3 ° F within 90 minutes. This is especially important to continue to meet with some of the regulations in place regarding the proper handling of food. There are plenty of choices available with these blast chillers so make sure you get one that has all the options you need.

Refrigeration Commercial Repair
Refrigeration Commercial Repair

A few other types of commercial refrigeration that you might need to display freezers and refrigerators. These are usually the ones that you would find in a supermarket or perhaps a kind of a convenience store and let the customer to be able to see what’s on the inside without opening the doors. You may also be able to make a variety of different display refrigerators which no doors.

This can also be found in a lot of different food stores and the convenience of being able to achieve straight down into the compartment to choose from the food you want to offer. This display freezers and refrigerators display also come in smaller sizes and many and also keep this upfront with bottled water or other beverages on the inside.


If you are a supermarket or a fish market, you’ll have a supply of fish refrigerators also needed. These are really just commercial cooling that is specially made with fish, usually on sliding trays. That’s really necessary for you to do is to decide how much of the demand for fish in your market and then to the right size. Of course, there are a lot of different options that are available for this type of refrigerators also and you must ensure that you are well prepared as it is important to keep fish at the right temperature. You can also fish showcases that are chilled to fish from where your customers can see it but still keep it at a cool temperature Click Here.

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