Positive thoughts for a Driving Instructor

Every day the news we hear suggests that the future for Driving Instructors is truly bleak. Lack of driving lessons, fewer learner drivers, driving lessons being canceled. One thing is certain, if you do believe it, the future for Driving Instructors will be bleak.

There is an alternative. If you change your thoughts, you can change your beliefs to see that there are opportunities to create more driving lesson inquiries and potential pupils, even in the bleakest times. You will discover that only the best leaders have discovered – that being positive opens you up to possibilities and can improve your outcomes.

Difficult times are when your business acumen skill is truly tested and your ability to maintain a positive attitude towards your driving lessons and learner drivers and use all your creative and caring qualities can make a real difference.

Driving Lessons

  • If you take these 9 actions today and repeat them every day, you’ll begin to see things differently.
  • Only think positive thoughts
  • Maintain an attitude towards your customers that exudes enthusiasm
  • Know your financial numbers and be realistic about cash, lesson prices
  • Do everything you know to book more lessons: contact pupils you’ve not heard from in a while, contact any pupils who owe you money, reduce some of your work areas and distances you might go for a new learner driver, reduce your lesson prices, make a special offer to your pupils.
  • Hold on to current pupils by adding value to your driving lessons – how long is it since you really looked at your teaching methods, are they up to date?
  • Watch other driving instructors in your area, listen to what they tell you, work out their failings and ensure you are unique in your teachings and approach.
  • Take the opportunity to improve your teaching skills, when was the last time you read a driving book or joined a course to help with your teaching skills
  • Are there any creative ideas that can get you noticed? Is your car branded? Do you have a website?

Join a local Driving Instructor Brisbane group that could bring some external wisdom to your challenges, visits online forums to exchange ideas.