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HIPAA Breach Monitoring
HIPAA Data Breach Notification
HIPAA Data Breach

For a small to medium-sized health care organization that is required to be HIPAA compliant, HIPAA Data Breach Notification is a solution that minimizes the time, education, and risk associated with compliance. Unlike the alternatives, electronic or paper binders which painfully step through the more than 1,100 points of compliance required by HIPAA Data Breach Notification law or consultants/attorneys, which come at a high cost and don’t put you in control of your organization, HIPAA has condensed the over thousands pages of HIPAA law into 62 understandable “compliance questions” that clearly describe the steps for success.

The founders of HIPAA Data Breach Notification begin developing the initial HIPAA methodology and compliance tool by breaking down over 4,000 pages of proposed HIPAA law into a checklist of approximately 1,100 compliance questions Field testing begins in a large, complex hospital environment and a large state health department. This testing is completed in conjunction with actual compliance work within these organizations in an effort to further refine and optimize the HIPAA product. By eliminating redundancy within the law, the number of compliance questions is reduced from approximately 1,100 to 260.

Hipaa Data Breach Notification
Hipaa Data Breach Notification

The HIPAA solution for small to medium-sized health care organizations is identified and validated. The 250 compliance questions are reduced to 62 through increased interpretation and simplification of the law, and the tool is automated. Beta-testing of the electronic product begins at 20 locations in the Spring. The first production of HIPAA Data Breach Notification is released in July.

HIPAA Data Breach Notification is formed to market, sell, distribute, and support HIPAA on a national scale. HIPAA is the standard for helping small and medium-sized health care organizations assess, achieve, and maintain HIPAA compliance by making the process uncomplicated and cost-effective. HIPAA Data Breach expands the HIPAA product line to include HIPAA RX, a compliance program focused specifically on pharmacies, and HIPAA HP, a compliance product customized for Health Plans. HIPAA Audit, a product designed to help organizations audit compliance efforts is due for release in the Summer of 2004.

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