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In these times of instant communication, worldwide interconnectedness, abundance of facts and never ending ways to stay in touch and keep learning, it seems as if knowledge and technology are being created at a faster pace by the day. But the ever present collective wisdom of old civilizations wellness principles for our bodies are often shunned and considered outdated, particularly by the American Continent, by looking at the alarming obesity rates and weight related diseases that lacerate today’s hyper connected society.

It might be wise to pause, look back and around us, to examine the world-wide statistical data and the Candy From Around The World biggest laboratory, earth itself, which houses different nutritional philosophies that have been tested for hundreds of years, showing remarkable results.

Some of the following practices may seem unsophisticated, or contradictory to our eating dogmas, but they are supported by decades and decades of evidence present in the generations that have lived by them, let’s take a look at some of the best nutritional practices from around the globe and how they could be.

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Fish is their main source of animal protein, it is included in a majority of dishes, it promotes heart health when compared to red meat, Soy is consumed frequently, tofu is a popular form, and it is believed to be related to the low cancer related death rate in Japan, besides reporting a considerable decrease in the occurrence of menopause related unpleasant symptoms.

It is common to consume leafy vegetables and rice, vegetables are not overdone, they are mostly Candy Subscription Box cooked lightly by steaming them, simmering and/or high heat stir frying. They include five or more foods in each meal, which promotes ingredient variation and smaller portions, and they often prefer fruit desserts, another common trend is the consumption of hot green tea during meals.

Rice and Soy are common ingredients in china, often accompanied with large amounts of steamed vegetables. They are careful with the amount of food they take, they are cautious of overeating, eating slowly and chewing well is important for them as well as having respect for regularity in eating and sleeping schedules. They avoid eating large amounts of raw vegetables, they prefer to cook them lightly by steaming and stir frying in order to retain the majority of the natural nutrients.

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