Walk In Cooler Glass Door Repair

commercial walk in cooler repair

Walk In Cooler Door Repair or commercial freezer just packed-in and it’s right before holiday.  Your budget doesn’t have any breathing room right now until you get the holiday parties completed.  What do you do?  In an emergency and with a low budget the only thing you can do is get second hand commercial refrigeration units.  Here are the steps you should take when searching for the right second hand walk in cooler door repair for sale.

walk in freezer repair
walk in freezer repair

Identify how much budget you can squeeze. Research – I know you’re busy, but you want to be purchasing the right second hand walk in cooler door repair equipment right the first time.  The wrong purchase and you could have a lot of spoilage right before you’re to serve it to 100 covers.

A thing to research before buying used Commercial Cooler Door Repair equipment is:

  • Does it come with a warranty or guarantee
  • What happens if it doesn’t work
  • How much damage is there
  • What companies have bought from them before
  • What happens if you need to get it serviced
  • What are the shipping costs to get it to your location
  • Size matters – will it fit up the stairs, through your doors and fit in the desired spot?
  • Does it have casters to move it around?
  • Is your commercial kitchen wired properly for this new unit?
  • Is it Energy Star rated or will it increase your energy costs
  • Is there any rust?
  • Ask to see the second hand walk in cooler door repair guts. Check for any discoloration inside the cabinet, check to see what the load of the shelves is, if the shelves have sliders or pegs (sliders are better sometimes pegs become unbalanced), if the compressor hasn’t be cleaned or is incredibly dirty
  • Make sure the door gaskets create a perfect seal
  • Check to see how you clean your walk in cooler door repair appliance
  • Ask what it was used for before – if it’s not stainless steel there may be some odors that can seep out
  • Is it scratched or dented?
  • How often will walk in cooler door repair servicing need to happen
  • Call a commercial refrigeration servicer and ask about the brand or the model’s track record in the industry
  • Where is the paperwork like spec sheets, user guides, etc? You need to know the clearance, the maintenance schedule, volts and amps and so much more – sometimes you can get these online.  Sometimes you can call a dealer, distributor or go direct to get these.  However, make sure you have it first before buying the unit.  If there’s 8 inch clearance instead of the 3 inch you’ve accounted for your second hand walk in cooler door repair appliance may fail.
  • What if you want to buy two second hand units – is there a special discount?
  • Do you have to pick up the unit yourself? They are really heavy and can be quite dangerous to move.  It is highly recommended you hire professionals to put it in place. For More Info

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