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Everyone has their preferences on what they bring to the gym. Some can get through a training session with very little gear and some will need a mountain of gear. Below are three must-have gear you should carry in your gym bag. Compare your gym bag with a personal trainer in Richmond Fitness.


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To be specific: appropriate shoes. The type of shoes you wear will depend on the type of training you will be doing that session. If it is a heavy, power-lifting training session, then you will need lifter shoes with raised heels. If it is a conditioning type training session, some met-con shoes will do you well. Compare your shoes with a personal trainer in Cloverdale.

Blender bottle

Hydration is key. Whether it is pre-workout, BCAA or simply water, a blender bottle will be an essential workout gear. Some bottles have the mixer ball, some have a built-in mixer. Regardless what type of mixer your bottle has, it is critical to stay hydrated. Ask what type of blender bottle your personal trainer in Walnut Grove has.

Lacrosse ball

This is a special one. Whether it is an injury or a tight knot, a lacrosse ball will be essential to temporarily fix the problem. This ball can be used to release tight spots such as the hips, lower back and shoulder. With increased mobility, lifts will be higher quality and safer.

If you need more personalized help to get you stronger, fitter, leaner, and or healthier, make sure to reach out to Crux Fitness, The Best Personal Training in Richmond, Cloverdale, Walnut Grove.

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