Check Out These Interview Questions Hiring Management Ask PM Candidates for a Project Management Role

Check Out These Interview Questions Hiring Management Ask PM Candidates for a Project Management Role

When you land a Project Management interview, you have entered the first step of getting that Project Management role you’ve always wanted. Not only are they looking at the years and type of experience you have as a PM, but you must also remember hiring managers will use these three types of questions during the interview.


A hiring manager will be looking for what makes a candidate tick, what sort of things you have done in the past, and how you react to certain situations. You may get asked what the most creative solution you have developed in the past was. They may ask you to name the most influential person or event in your life, or what your manager says you need to work on the most and what have you done to fix it. Maybe how you handle difficult team members? Note hiring managers will focus on your attitude towards the work and see whether you are adaptable to the company’s environment.


project Management Role

Anyone can boast something without really giving the real picture of who you are. Always remember that in any new job, character references from previous roles are essential in getting the job. Hiring managers will get the good and not so good feedback from your last employer on how you performed on the job, or if the company considers hiring you back again. Hearing from other people who genuinely enjoyed working with you helps a hiring manager envision what a person can do within their team.


You know that you have these skills. But what if you have just passed your pmp certification requirements and you feel you don’t have enough experience? Note that a hiring manager is looking at how a person can bring success into the group and what you can do technically as a PM. Hiring managers will be looking for competencies specific to the theme of the project. If you have experience solving similar problems to the ones the team will face, ensure you present your ability to create solutions that help move the group through delivery impediments and interpersonal issues.

There’s always a process of how hiring managers conduct their interviews. Be mindful of the minor and slight qualities that may or may not make you the perfect candidate for the job. Recruiters and hiring managers rarely offer feedback, so ask many questions when you get that chance. Quality, thoughtfulness, and eagerness indicate that you want and fit that Project Management role.

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