Everything You Need To Know About Burial Services

These Are The Pros And Cons Of Burial - Southern Cross Funeral Directors

Burial services are one of the most traditional practiced customs that are still yet passed on from generations. Burials have been a choice of many families to date, but while burials can have several advantages, unfortunately, they also have some disadvantages that this article shall address.

What are the Pros of Burial?

Beliefs and Traditions of Family:

Generally, religious families bound by religion, cultures, and traditions choose to bury their loved ones to give them a proper funeral. People of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths prefer burial. General burial supports or represents the religious requirements and perspectives of the families of the deceased. Generally, burial services is also preferred if your family or relatives have people from several religions to protect the beliefs of others.

Permanent space:

The burial of your loved ones would provide you with a permanent space for your family and relatives to grieve and visit them whenever they want. You also have the opportunity of engraving any special message for the deceased on the headstone as a sign of love and honor for them. You can visit them and spend some time whenever you want. This would make this more familiar and comfortable.

Including Personal Belongings:

You can choose to include any personal belongings or any offerings as a souvenir, such as jewels, dresses, notes, photographs, or anything that they treasure or you want them to take. You can include them in the casket or the coffin during burial.

What are the Cons of Burial?

Burials can be expensive and would cost you a hefty sum of money


Burials can be expensive and would cost you a hefty sum of money. Burials also require certain families to opt for purchasing plots or space for giving burial. The burial services shall include spending on caskets, transportation, invitations, coffins, hiring burial & funerals services, and others, including fees.

Geographical Barrier:

Geography can be an issue when you decide to give burial to your loved ones. This ritual can provide solace in knowing that loved ones are nearby and at peace, but what if you choose or have to move away? You might sometimes decide to move away or shift from the place, and it might be an issue for you to visit them. You cannot afford to visit the gravesite whenever you want, so you would have to leave them ultimately.

Emotions can lead to overwhelming expenditure:

Burials are heart-breaking, and people tend to end up spending a lot usually than they should. In a series of emotions, they fail to resist the temptations and pressure to buy things they wouldn’t require. This might lead to overspending on goods and services that they might feel obliged to buy.


While the pros and cons can be many, it shall always depend on the choices and interests of the family and the deceased person as to what they think is suitable and what they want as a matter of interest. While you plan to bury your loved ones, you can hire burial services for the purpose.