Rare Earth Metals- Treasure of Earth

Rare Earth Metals

Cheetah Resources, a Valuable Mining (ASX: VML) business, is Canada’s premier rare earth minerals operator, conducts mining of rare Earth metals of the Cheetah Nechalacho Mine in the Northwestern Territorial region.

It intends to become the lowest per capita manufacturer of combined rare metals oxide even outside China by creating one of several world’s most significant rare natural resources and the world’s most significant only rare earth venture susceptible of ore sorting-only treatment. The elevated Wigu Hill rare earth deposit in Tanzania is one of Cheetah’s significant initiatives.

Goals of Cheetah Resources

According to David Connelly, chief executive of commercial relations at Cheetah Nechalacho Mine, the firm will deploy a manufacturing fleet to its Nechalacho property, the first rare earth mine that will be and has been mobilized in Canada.

A squadron of crushers, transport trucks, excavators, and a boulder splitter will be dispatched to around 100 kilometres southwest of Yellowknife and halfway from Lutselk’e. The next step is to develop the pit or quarry from which the ore will be taken.

This will take place from April to December. The high amount of rare metals in the mines producing more incredible magnetism will be utilized in hybrid vehicles, windmills, neuro-imaging, and communications systems.

Working of Cheetah Nechalacho Mine

Nechalacho would be the first Canadian manufacturer of rare earth elements, as per Cheetah Resources Corporation limited, which operates the development program and owns reserves surface layer. It was also the first initiative in the home nation where such an Aboriginal organization was procured to extract raw materials under its land.

The employees of the mine are its most valued asset. Unlike other companies where employees are not given adequate opportunities to show their potential, Nechalacho allows its employees to grow and prosper.

During the summertime, the products are transported to Hay River by ship. Following that, it is transported to Saskatoon, where the Saskatchewan Research Institute treats it, and Cheetah Resources purifies it first before shipping it to Norway for detailed extraction of rare earth elements then export.

Canadian manufacturer of rare earth elements - Cheetah Resources

They’re also proving to China’s worldwide client base that NWT and Cheetah’s combined rare earth and solidified goods can fulfil their high standards. To prepare for rare earth manufacturing at Cheetah Nechalacho Mine, all machinery, including supporting equipment, arrives from the provider.


Though rare metals distribution channels that China does not drive are exceedingly uncommon, still the worldwide rare metals magnets market is expected to reach $14.4 billion, and consumption is anticipated to skyrocket this year.

 Electric motors used in electric cars require certain rare earth minerals, such as neodymium and dysprosium, usually imported from China. In such a competitive market, Cheetah Nechalacho Mine is emerging to be a tough player engaging in unique ways of mining rare earth metals and proving to the world at large that China is not the only player in the market.